Until Next Time

Sometimes I found myself wondering in Australia, how did I end up here? But then I knew: I opened an email from our lovely study abroad department telling me I had not been accepted to study direct exchange to South Africa. That was a blow to the confidence in more ways than one, but we won’t get into that because frankly, that is the past, and there isn’t much more to be said about it.

Australia happened pretty quickly after that, paperwork wise. And then of course I played the waiting game for a portion of the ripe new year before Virgin Australia swept me away. Somehow from that point on, time got away from me…and now it’s July…and time to say farewell to my new crazy and tantalizingly original Australian family. You know who you are because you most likely live in Education City, where absolutely zero education has ever happened. Either that or you have danced once or twice on my kitchen table. Either way, saying good-bye to all of you has been such an ominous challenge. To say that I was in denial as I packed up my room would be a complete understatement, as these five months flew by faster than I had ever imagined. How does time do that? It kind of makes me want to kick a clock across the room and throw a fit like a five-year old.

Because Australia is another home to me now. I have my staple daily running routes. I make sure to always have my key handy because Selina constantly forgets hers. I know which grocery store is cheaper, even though Aldi seems like so much more of a hike. Heck, I’ve driven a car on the wrong side of the road to the point where it’s going to be weird switching back to the other. Obviously five months has given me a chance to not just study abroad, but to embrace a new lifestyle.

So in this short little tearful blog post, I just wanted to say completely and genuinely: Cheers. To all of my yardy-goers, tour guides, bartenders, and new best mates, I wouldn’t change anything about my unbelievable study abroad adventure. This was a completely unexpected and epically memorable experience. Thank you for that.

Until next time, Australia







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2 thoughts on “Until Next Time

  1. Lizzy Girl having your smiling face and adorable personality surrounding me will be the thing I will greatly miss.
    Peace to you and your beautiful family.
    Love from your Aussie Guncle

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