Shrimp on the Barbie

Australians encompass a number of characteristics that I always imagined they would: very laid back and welcoming, stoked on surfing, and with lots of awesome slang in their vocabulary. For instance, it is no longer McDonald’s, my friends, it’s Mackas. Same for all you gingers out there, here you are known as a “ranga” (pronounced rang-ah…short for orangutang). Trying to learn these phrases is all good and fun until the American decides to chime in with a phrase that was always a very cliché Australian thing to say until apparently now: the classic saying “Shrimp on the Barbie”.

You say this, and all of the chill Aussies that you just shared a cheers with will become slightly annoyed that you brought up this raw subject. A lecture then ensues.

“Good shrimp is too small to be grilled for that long. If anything, it’s prawns on the barbie…and we don’t even say barbie.” Duly noted.

Which leads me to talk about more food. It takes true talent to photograph food and have the photo do the food justice, and I probably don’t possess this talent. So either brace yourself for nausea but most likely excessive drooling because these dishes were all delicious.

Clockwise from left: Huge tray of fried flounder with tarter sauce, jelly fish, and homemade chicken curry and rice

Clockwise from left: Huge tray of fried flounder with tarter sauce, jelly fish, and homemade chicken curry and rice

Cooking has become a fabulous pastime as it has been raining here nonstop (So no, I have not become tan yet like I anticipated) The rain has been so consistent that floods have affected many places, most severely in northern Queensland but also on the western coast of Australia. Meanwhile here in Brisbane, it’s the perfect weather to cook some delicious curry and go for a run in the rain, or catch up on some Harry Potter movies. Good thing my amazing roommate has the entire series!

When not cooking or dancing in the rain I do actually have classes, which started last week. Each class is two hours long with an additional tutorial for 1-2 hours directly afterwards. Basically, I have three hours per class once a week. Most students dive right into their respective major when beginning college (without many electives or general classes offered as they are in the U.S.) so many are confused when I tell them my schedule. I have classes that span over three different faculties, or major departments. I’m taking an accounting, English, and history course along with a film/media class, putting me all over the place unlike the set paths that everyone has towards their bachelor degrees. So whenever someone asks me what I am majoring in I just pick the first faculty that comes to mind (If I say I’m studying nutrition, they tell me I’m at the wrong campus).

When not in school, Danielle and I have met quite a few of the people in the apartments around us. I repeat, the hermits have abandoned their shells! One of them is Mayur, who is from a “small” town near Mumbai, India. I say small meaning big because you can’t exactly have a small town in a country that holds 17% of the world’s population. Therefore, he comes from a town of a measly 100,000 people. As we were all having beers one night, he mentioned that if his Dad knew he drank, he would disown him. That made me feel slightly uneasy thinking back to Nellie’s wedding reception where I obtained the liquid courage to do a full choreographed routine to Please Don’t Stop the Music. I’m luckily stilled owned by my parents unless there is another reason why I am in Australia.

Looking ahead, this week brings more class but also hopefully more travelling. Besides some trips to the city, we are looking to hit up the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where you can hold little baby koalas and feed kangaroos. So for all of you who asked me to tag you as a koala in a picture, stay tuned.

Lovely weather we have here

Lovely weather we have here

Love to all from Australia!

-Lizzy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shrimp on the Barbie

  1. I met some Aussies when I went down to Granada for a weekend, and now I say “skull” instead of “chug,” and call lots of things “bogans.” From what I’ve seen they’re great people, and your blog is awesome. Not sure how we weren’t FB friendzz but whateva. Looking forward to more!

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